Mohit Soni

Biography of Mohit Soni

Mohit has over seven years experience in the customer service and sales industry. He began his journey with multinational universal bank, Barclays, where he would assist clients with any issues that may have arose with their accounts.

He would then transition to the telecommunications industry working for canadian company, Telus, as a sales advisor.

In 2021, Mohit joined the One Contract Property family as a Client Engagement Manager.

Using his thorough understanding of the unique service we offer, Mohit engages with builders, financial planners and accountants, informing them about SMSF property investment.

Mohit is customer service extraordinaire, who places emphasis on client satisfaction and aims to assist clients by going above and beyond what is expected of him.

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Disclaimer: One Contract Property do not provide any financial advice and encourage you to seek a licensed Financial Planner for all your financial advice.

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